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New Indy Forums!
As the Embarcadero forums are unreliable and often offline for long periods of time, we have created web forums for Indy.

Feel free to join us and spread the word.
Is it possible to arrange for a news gateway to the forums, please?
I seem to be the first one here, is that correct?
Is Remy looking at this forum too?
Remy is monitoring here.

By news do you mean NNTP? If so... I wish dearly. I personally hate web forums and really wish there was an NNTP interface but short of writing one, no options seem to exist. Atozed does have an NNTP server written in Indy which has been running for nearly 15 years, but it too would have to be interfaced somehow to the web forum data base.

There are others who want it too:

Or do you mean an RSS feed? It already has that.
I meant NNTP...
Mailing lists (I hate these also) could at least be mirrored by GMANE (that is how I interface to subversion users, freepascal, lazarus etc mail lists).
With NNTP you get a chance to have a local cache of everything which will not go away by an Internet glitch..
Well, things change and the youth nowadays seem more interested in looks and glitter than contents.
(I have been around for a while)
(03-16-2018, 03:56 PM)kudzu Wrote: Remy is monitoring here.

Indeed  Big Grin

(03-16-2018, 03:56 PM)kudzu Wrote:

According to one of the answers on that page, Syncom has an NNTP plugin for MyBB.
Saw that, but its in German and:

Latest commit 731ea7a on Apr 14, 2013

Doubt it works with current releases.
I remember the old forum (at here) was full of useful information and answers about Indy, where does it go? Can we still view/search/download offline data of those posts?

We have the old PHP database archived, but someone would have to find a way to import it or export it.
(05-10-2018, 03:39 PM)kudzu Wrote: We have the old PHP database archived, but someone would have to find a way to import it or export it.

My website has php5 installed. I did offer before to try installing phpBB on it and see if I can import the old phpBB DB into it.

On the other hand, MyBB has it own merge tool for importing a phpBB forum DB Big Grin It would be cool if we could get the old history available on this forum instead of on another server or separate download.

By "php database" you must mean MySql database? If at the end for any reason you can't get it import into this forum, would you upload it somewhere publicly for download? thanks.

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