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TIWComboBox search delay while typing
Is there a way extend the time I have to type in an item  from as combo box? If I pause for more than like 1/4 of a second while typing, the search resets.
I have a combo with a large list of items. They are part numbers. Sometimes I want to manually key in an item because it's a long way down the list, and it's a pain to slowly scroll down until I find it.
The problem is that I dont have time to type it in. It only work if I manage to type it super quick. If there's the slightest pause during the typing, the search resets.
Thanks for suggestions.
HTML does not allow you to have this kind of fine control over the SELECT element (what the ComboBox is under the hood).

Maybe you should consider replacing the IWComboBox by a IWSelect component. IWSelect is much more efficient to handle huge lists of items and it has a much more powerful and customizable search mechanism

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