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Can SignaturePad Add SaveToStream feature or Silent Download?
Hi Alex good day to you Smile 

I am trying to save the TIWSignaturePad image to a table blob field (jpg primarily, png as option). Am on the latest x.65 version.

As per subject
1) can SignaturePad Adds a SaveToStream/LoadFromStream feature (so I can save/load the image to/from a table blob field or
2) Silent Download without dialog once a directory+filename is provided? Currently the download function will pop up a dialog to ask for a directory even a filename is provided.

Either method will allow me to be able to save the signaturepad image to a table blob field. If there is any existing method that I didn't know please kindly advise. Thank you.
Good day to you too! :-)

Silent download?

I think you are mixing upload and download. Download means that the user can download the image to his own computer and save it into a local folder.

If you want to save it into a blob field you need to upload the image (from the browser to the server), and that won't popup any dialog ever.

In order to save it anywhere you just need to fill the OnPngImageUploaded event.

That event will trigger when the method UploadPngImage() is called and the second parameter (aImage) is a TPngImage object which contains the image uplodated.

You can take this TPngImage and do whatever you want with it (do not free it, though), including saving to a file or to a stream.

Does it make sense?
Thanks Alex! Now it worked with both UploadJpgImage() and UploadPngImage() Big Grin . Indeed earlier I mistook the "upload" as "user can upload a signature image into the Signature pad" haha. Thanks for your help!

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