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IWDBAdvWebGrid "MouseSelect" Issue
When using the "IWDBAdvWebGrid" component and setting "MouseSelect = msMove", so that the dataset is repositioned to the matching grid row,...
one of my columns suddenly loses the values from the database and shows the first value from the list instead. I should also point out that the '1st' row in the grid is always colored grey, whether it's selected or not ( regardless of whatever row i click on. another issue ).

That specific column settings are:

ColumnType = ctDynCombo

ComboItems = User, Manager (stored in one value per line)

ComboBalues = U, M (stored in one value per line)

Editor = edCombo

DataSource = qUsers ( MySQLDac query component used for all columns in this grid. )

All other columns work fine, it just appears to be the ctDynCombo that has the issue.

When I click a row or cell, the "MouseMove.mtMove" setting takes affect and then ALL rows with the ctDynCombo suddenly have the same value.

I've spent 2 days on this, and am completely stumped. I've even seen this behavior using your demo apps and using the ctMove setting - so I know it's not my code or project that is at fault - and I seriously need ctMove feature to work correctly.

I have created some TIWButtons that also demonstrate something interesting. ( Add, Edit, Delete, Save, Cancel ).

1. I click on any row and the column's combobox suddenly loses it's original display values and all become the same.

2. This combo values remain the same no matter what other columns or rows I click on.

3. I click my own TIWButton that calls "dataset.Edit" and the selected row goes into edit mode AND all original combo box values are restored.

4. I click 'save' or 'cancel' and the values are fine.

5. I click onto a different row and the combo values in that column are lost again.

I am on Delphi 10.4 and the latest IW 15.2.50.

Please advise. I'm seriously out of ideas on how to make this work, and as I said, I can get it to break on your demos as well by choosing the "MouseMove = msMove" property.

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