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TIWMemo data display with Safari
I'm having an issue displaying some text from a report using a TIWMemo on Safari running on an iPad mini with software updated to 15.3.1.  It seems to be data driven.  The page will display properly and then immediately show a new page only with the data from the memo without any padding. It works properly in Windows browsers, using Safari on an iPhone with the same OS, and with Chrome on the iPad.  I am enclosing an example unit with some data that has this issue along with a screen shot from the iPad using this data.  Thanks!

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I'll have a look and let you know.

Thanks for your test case.
Hi there,

I tested your test case in an iPad running iOS version 15.2.1 and it worked correctly (the same output as any Windows-based browser). I don't have an iPad running 15.3.1... but once the application works in every single browser and also works in Safari on 15.2.1 I'm pretty sure that this is some sort of bug in iOS...

There is another iOS update available (15.4) and I suggest that you install it and run your application again. I couldn't install it on my iPad yet, but when I do I'll retest and see how it behaves.
I did some more checking and found that the device is actually an iPad mini 5 (model MUQX2LL/A).  I updated the OS to 15.4 and still have the same issue.  It must be something to do with the iPad mini OS specifically.  Sorry to give you the wrong model info initially!
HI Gustave,

currently we don't own an iPad mini 5 device for testing.

What happens if create a static HTML page with the same content and loads it from the same browser? I'm 200% sure that this is not an IW issue because there is no underlying code that could interfere with that...

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