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Incorrect display of IWSelect in IWModalWindow

I have a region with a few controls that I display in a IWmodalwindow.
When I put a IWSelect component inside the region the dropbox goes behind the entire region.
This happens only if the region is used as a Content Element of a IwModalwindow.
Same behaviour if you do the same thing in the iwmodalwindow demo.
I use Delphi 10.4 and IW 15.2.46.

Can you please check if what I found is correct?

Thanks in advance
Hi Fabrizio,

I'll have a look. Have you tried to change the ZIndex property of the IWSelect control (giving it a higher value)?
Thank you Alexandre for your answer.

Yes I tried zindex, but with no success. The dropbox does not only go under other controls but under the Content Region itself.
I'm moving my code from TMS AdvMessageDialog component to standard Intraweb IWModalwindow and this is what happens when in a dialog I have a IWSelect component.
Playing a little with the IWModalwindow demo it seems that this happens only when in the Content Region there are other controls, but maybe there are other things to look at.

I tested it on a sample project and it works if you set the ZIndex to a really high value, equal or above 99999990. This is the zindex used by the overlay div when showing the modal window.

We are changing the rendering of IWSelect to do it by default regardless of the chosen zindex. It will be available in the next release.

It works.
In my tests I tried only a zindex value of 5000.

Thank you for your help.


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