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Subscription reneval
Since 09/15/21 I have been trying to extend my current Intraweb update subscription within the given period.
Unfortunately I only received the message that the admin PC had a hardware error on 09/16/21 and had to be repaired.
Otherwise nothing has happened.
That's not how I imagine good customer service.


I will check with the admin but I did ask them to send it after their PC had been repaired. Many of the coupons however get eaten by spam traps as they are sent from our system itself, not a personal email.

Please check your spam folder and if you don't have the code please email me at atozed.sales on gmail where you sent to me and I replied back to there. I replied to every one of your messages there, did you get those back on the 17th? If so, why didn't you just send an email to the same address which replied to you? In fact I can see you got at least one of them as you replied to the first one from the 15th.
Your coupon was sent on Sept 17th. It likely got eaten by your spam traps.

I have resent it via gmail including the original header showing the 17th.
Thanks for the feedback and the help.

I couldn't find any entries in my spam folder or in the Internet Security Software logs.
So there must be another cause of the problem.
But I have now received the coupon and was able to carry out the order.


Sadly ISP's often spam bin the keys before reaching customers as well. Its a major issue for us even though our mail server has a reputable non-SPAM rating. The URL and short text seem to trigger many of them and no matter what we do to the emails some ISPs still treat it as spam Sad
Your mail server is the issue. It is apparently rejecting *all* mail from us, automated or manual.

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

host []
SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection:
554 IP= - A problem occurred. (Ask your postmaster for help or to to clarify.)
I have sent all information that I have received from ATOZED via an alternative e-mail address to for analysis.

ATOZED should have received a copy of this email.


Whatever the issue is, its at T-online. We of course send tons of emails and dont have this type of issue with other providers, and we have a clean spam score:

You're not blacklisted
Matches your server IP address ( against 24 of the most common IPv4 blacklists.
Not listed in Spamhaus SBL Advisory
Not listed in Spamhaus CSS Advisory
Not listed in Spamhaus XBL Advisory
Not listed in Spamhaus PBL Advisory
Not listed in Barracuda
Not listed in Hostkarma
Not listed in IMP-SPAM
Not listed in China Anti-Spam Alliance
Not listed in LashBack
Not listed in mailskipe
Not listed in NiX Spam
Not listed in REDHAWK
Not listed in SORBS (Relay)
Not listed in SORBS (last 48 hours)
Not listed in SORBS (last 28 days)
Not listed in SPAMCOP
Not listed in SEM-BLACK
Not listed in RATS-ALL
Not listed in PSBL
Not listed in SWINOG
Not listed in GBUdb Truncate
Not listed in Weighted Private Block List
It could be that still has an internal blacklist.

Here's a note on that:
They replied back. They have *non standard* requirements for accepting inbound mail. In fact, the link the guy sent me is *dozens of pages long*. This is really really odd.....

Their "spam solution" is like curing a brain cancer patient by decapitating them to prevent spread to the rest of the body. Worse yet, they dont even tell the end users when mail is being blocked......

We are looking into it, but its ridiculous and we do not have this issue with any other ISP in the world. Apparently they don't like our whois record, but I'm not even 100% sure yet that this is the issue.

Some of these are "standard"... but many of them are not and unique to t-online........

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