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IntraWeb 15.2.26 is out!
Hi guys,

new IW 15 update containing some bug fixes:

Enjoy!  Big Grin
A headsup for a possible issue; I have a form with jqDBGrid's working well as long as I stay on the form. But if I do a asyncselectrow (by mouseclick) and then goes to another form with WebApplication.ShowForm, the first form with the grids goes dead when I do release on the second form. Rolling back to 15.2.24 seems to resolve this (I have not tested 15.2.25), but I will test this more (also with 15.2.25).
Can you please explain this scenario better?

As I understand you keep the first form instantiated while the second form becomes the active one. Then you release the second form (active) and then the grid of the first one goes dead? Is that correct?
I believe I could recreate it here. Seems a JS error after one of the events.

We will fix the issue and release an update soon.

Thanks for your report

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