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IW15.2.10 TIWGrid cannot change font style/color using OnRenderCell
Hello, I'm using IW 15.2.10 And Delphi 10.3 trying to change the color of the font of text in cells within an IWGrid when OnRenderCell is triggered:

procedure WorkFlow.TasksRenderCell(ACell: TIWGridCell;
  const ARow, AColumn: Integer);
  If ARow = 0 then
{blue is the standard color for display only data}
    ACell.Font.Color := clBlue;

however, ACell.Font.Color := clBlue; line does not change of the color of the text in the cells. it does work on IW14, but this doesn't seem to work in IW15.2.10. could this be a bug?
Right! I have the same problem.
The way to success is always under construction ... but i see a light at the end of the tunnel  Idea Big Grin
Bump: any suggestions?
I'll have a look later today and get back to you.

IW 15 caches lots of stuff to improve performance. It may happen that the cache is not being refreshed as it should....
Any updates on this?
I have identified the issue. A fix is being prepared and it should be available soon.
Please update to 15.2.34 (just released). It should fix the font issue.

Please let me know how it goes

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