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D10.4.1 / IW15.2.18 installation issue
After a full D10.4.1 reinstall last weekend, I got a IW 15.2.18 installation issue when selection any of the install options except 'Install IW Bootstrap Library'. Selecting FastMM, ScaleMM2 or Bootstrap Demo causes the installation to fail because the installer is unable to download additional files.

Known issue?
Its something we are looking into. What antivirus program are you using?
I'm using Windows Security Essentials (Win10 built-in) and Malwarebytes. I checked Malwarebytes logs, but could not find anything recently blocked. If you list the URL's requested, I may attempt a manual file download with chrome and see if it provides some more clues/error messages.
I am having the same issue. I'm using AVG, but have it deactivated for the installation. I am also doing a fresh D10.4.1 install
I hope to have some update on this soon. We are still looking into it.
This issue has been resolved in IW 15.2.20:

From the change log:

>> New mechanism now is used to download additional files during IntraWeb setup. Intermittent download failures should not happen anymore.

Please update your version.

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