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ADOConnection and CoInitialize
Hello everybody

I'm using C ++ Builder 10.4.1 and IntraWeb 15.2.18

In my first test with IntraWeb last week I used the ADOConnection; ADOTable, DataSource and IntraWeb's DBGrid are used.
I was able to access the data of Access data.

For this I didn't have to program a single line of program code, I just had to adjust the connection string in ADOConnection.

Unfortunately, I had to reinstall the PC. Angry 
After the installation I load the program and make new. (the same)
Now I get the error: CoInitialize was not called.

That must have happened automatically beforehand. What do I have to do, to make this happen again automatically.

Thank you
In your ServerController properties set COMInitialization to ciMultiThreaded, then IW will take care of it for you.

(note: done differently if you deploy on late versions of IIS. See: )

Dear Dan
Thank you very much.....
It`s running. Smile

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