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Bundled Removal tool for Delphi 10.4.1
Is there an updated Bundled removal tool that will work with the recent Delphi 10.4.1.

I did not see an option to install Intraweb as part of the main Delphi installer yet there are intraweb bpl files scattered around
10.4.1 does not include Bundled IntraWeb. Are you saying it has installed some of IntraWeb's files? I'm about to install 10.4.1 on a new machine here and I can look. Which files are you finding?
Ugh.. EMBT really drives me nuts at times. For about 10 years they refused to ship a newer version of 14 despite us offering it to them because they didnt want to take the time to make a few small file list changes to the installer.

Then they were supposed to remove IW Bundled from 10.3, but goofed that up and only removed it from some of the installers but not others.

Now 10.4, even 10.4.1 installer does in fact still ship pieces of IntraWeb. I have found 171 files so far.

We will look into updating the tool, but for now you will have to remove them manually. IntraWeb as a search term in the BDS dir as well as IW* should get you a file list. Be careful with IW* to get IW* and not Iw* in case EMBT has some filename that starts with that.
Hello. Sorry, they do seem somewhat incompetent sometimes with basic things that should be easy
In \Studio\21.0\lib\win64\release I have found files like IW.Browser.Android.dcu. Are those your files? i.e. quite a few files with IW.*
Also, a lot of files IW* which I do recognize as your files.
Yes. All IW.*.* files are ours, as are IntraWeb*.*, and IW*.*.

With the last one, just make sure all are IW*.* and now Iw*.*... I dont remember seeing any Iw*.* but in older compilers there were some and they were not IW files but some files that started with those letters.

I've alerted EMBT, but of course we also alerted them in time past of such issues and you can see the results sadly.

I just did a fresh install of 10.4.1 from ISO and those were the ~181 files I found. I deleted them and IW 15.1 (and 17) are now running fine in 10.4.1.
I did post a note in the quality system
IntraWeb installer also uses the IntraWeb Bundled Removal Tool under the hood to do the proper clean up. We will make sure that the tool is updated so the installer will also benefit from it.

Thanks for the report
(09-24-2020, 06:53 PM)davenovo Wrote: I did post a note in the quality system

Please download and run the new version of IW Bundled Removal Tool which supports Delphi 10.4 and 10.4.1:

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