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AV running demo XII/Delphi/HTMLEditor
I was curious about the /$/iwedit feature but can't find info about it.

There are however demos using this feature:

  • XII/Delphi/HTMLEditor
  • XII/Delphi/IWWiki
After making small changes to the first project to make it compile, I get an AV hitting the button to edit the index.html file.

Should this feature still work under IW15?
I also encountered the same problem..
Hi Jeroen,

Yes, it should work. I'm not sure if the same project should, though (because of changes from 14 to 15).

I'll run some tests and let you know
Hi Jeroen,

I can confirm that it is not working as expected.

I'm working on it and doing some refactorings that are needed. The fix should be available in the next update.


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