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IWMemo Maximum Lines reached
I have been using IWMemo to display log files to the user and in the past have not had any problems; at least that I could find.  In the latest versions however, I am not getting the web browser to display all of the lines that are read in using LoadFromFile.  I even tried adding the lines one at a time using a separate read function but it still will only show about 273 lines of my text file.  Some of these logs can get VERY large.  Is there a way to increase the "size" of the data in the IWMemo component?  Is there another component that might work better?  FYI - currently using IntraWeb 15.1.9 in Delphi 10.2 but the problem is in versions created several months ago also.

David C
Can you produce a slimmed down ready to run demo that demonstrates this? I can use random text data. Demo should be as simple as possible and ready to run as is.

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