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Bootstrap4 fileinput bug
(04-20-2020, 11:06 AM)TPiotr Wrote: I'm using IWStandAloneServer.

It's important to add:


{$R *.dfm}
uses IWBS4RestServer;


SA(Indy HTTP ) work fine even in mode ParseFileUpload True , but i use HTTPSys type.
In Full SA IWStandAloneServer1.Start(TSaServerIndy); option ParseFileUpload := True can't upload all files.
In Http.sys option ParseFileUpload := True gives corrupted files.

In Http.sys, all files have been saved, but:
1. Adds additional data:
Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file_id"


2. Maybe something is wrong with Encoding.
1. When I switch my project to TIWStart.Execute (True); file transfer works fine, although WebKitFormBoyundary sections are added to the end of the file, removing them is not a problem, especially for picture files this is not critical.

2. When using TIWStartHSys.Execute (True); in the received file, one byte is lost at the beginning of the file (approximate address 0x00007F5A), this violates the integrity of the file and the picture is displayed with artifacts. I wrote about this in my first post. WebKitFormBoyundars sections are added at the end, as in the first case.

I always set ParseFileUpload to True, if I change to False, then aRequest.Files. Count = 0.

I would like to use HTTP.sys in my project, but so far I have to switch to Indy HTTP.
Is a solution expected in upcoming releases of IW ?
Can you provide a simple test case for this?

I need a simple working project containing only IW files (no 3rd party other than IW Boostrap) which shows this problem.

Compile and run IWUpload.
Upload all files from "TestFilesToUpload" directory.
See uploaded files in "uploaded" directory.

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.zip (Size: 727.14 KB / Downloads: 1)
I don't know what's your version of fileinput.min.js. Can you please attach it to the project?
I am using bootstrap-fileinput v4.3.2

I attach a zipped wwwroot folder and screenshot of problem.

I tried too bootstrap-fileinput v5.0.9 and it doesn't work properly.

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.zip (Size: 627.34 KB / Downloads: 1)
I can confirm that there is a problem which is highly visible when you upload PNG files (because 1 wrong byte is enough to make the file useless). I'm working on it and should have other information soon
Please install update 15.1.21:

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