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IW 15.1.18 is out
Hi guys!

hope you are all good, safe and working from home, with some free time to install a new update:

Enjoy and keep coding!  Smile


I thought I might spend some time with the automagic LetsEncrypt tools you discussed a few weeks ago.  I can't remember, was that in the mix now or still for a future one?

Dan  <hiding from viri in an undisclosed location>
Hi Dan,

LetsEncrypt tools are in the pipeline and it will be ready to test in a few days hopefully. Not only this but also some new exciting stuff

Version 15.1.18 does not contain the new stuff yet, because we are trying to keep these maintenance releases binary compatible with previous versions so there is no need to install new versions of TMS or CG Dev Tools.

I expect 15.1.18 to be the last maintenance release before a new update which will contain the new exciting stuff  Smile


Alex <hiding from viri, people who might carry viri, bacteria and all kinds of pathogens  Big Grin >
Great! Looking forward to it! I've got a bit more time, between watching old movies.

This virus thing is the real deal. We had a pizza delivered and I found myself wiping the box with Clorox wipe when I brought it in... following instruction of my doctor daughter.

Went for a walk of the neighborhood, just stood back 15 ft or more when talking to neighbors. I'll be recovering from the 6 or 7 wheelbarrow loads of rock yesterday I picked up from a neighbor a block down that ordered too much. Maybe I should have been working out more! Naaaa...


The download seems to be corrupt, I get a copy error during the installation.

Juergen Huh
(03-31-2020, 09:56 AM)JuergenS Wrote: Hi,

The download seems to be corrupt, I get a copy error during the installation.

Juergen Huh

I got it working... nevertheless, please try the other build 15.1.19:

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