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What is the default bgcolor of an IWEdit ?
Hi Guys,

When starting the application, IWdit fields are white background with black text. In the properties bgcolor is by default "clNone" for both bgColor and font.Color.

If I want to change the bgColor to say clWebRed, and then change it back again, setting it to clNone, do not change it. However setting it to clWebWhite do, so my question is, which "clxxx" color should I use to reset the bgColor (and Font.Color) to the standard color ? 

Or is there another way to reset the colors of an individual IWEdit field ?

The default is white. However, for practical purposes it is not rendered when not set explicitly to some other value (because the browser will use the default color). When resetting it back you should set to the desired value, explicitly.
Hi Alexandre,

Thanks. That's where I had gotten to aswell. Using WebWhite and WebBlack. At first I made some TIWColor vars, saving the current IWEdit BGColor and Font.Color at start up, but when using them to replace the red/white color, the bgcolor turned grey (windows default).

So now I'm back with specifically setting the colors to white and black. It's not quite as I want it, but it will have to do for now.


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