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Purchased cert Need help
I purchased a certificate and have a couple questions.  I don't have IIS or any other tool other than openssl

1. I'm not sure which format to download it from.  The choices are: 

Certificate download by platform
    Microsoft IIS (*.p7b)
    Other platforms

I tried Nginx and it downloaded:  www_gotrecovery_org.chained.crt  which isn't in binary.  I renamed it but my app didn't work.  I know I'm missing a few steps.  Does work with the sample pem files that come with intraweb other than saying it's not secure.

Which one do I rename it to:  key.pem, root.pem or cert.pem
And how do I create the other files.  When I created the certificate it didn't ask me anything about a password.

I appreciate the help.

Thank You,

Ya I looked at that and it didn't help me understand. I have crt file from the company I get the certificate. I've read it can be renamed to be a pem file but which one may, root or cert? I've tried renaming it to each one but I got certificate erros.llrs.

My other question is how do I create the other two files. No where when I created the certificate on the companies webpage did it ask me for a password.

I'm lost. It would seem this process would be easier.

Thank you,

Thanks. Got it all figured out. Had a multi domain cert and it doesn't come with a key.crt One I changed it created one on their website.


"It would seem this process would be easier."

In general SSL and security is rarely easy, and also the reason its often not secure Smile

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