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Upgraded to Ultimate version Key problem
I got a new license to take Intraweb from standard to Ultimate.  I downloaded the newest version installed it, entered the new key when the installer ask and I get the following error:

Project StandAloneSSL.exe raised exception EIWInvalidKey.  Requires a key that starts with +0010

My new license does start with +0010   I even went Intraweb License Registration and entered it again.

Thank you,

What are the first 5 characters of your current key?
Admin informed me you have a +0011 key.

As you are using an older build you need a +0010 key. I have asked them to send you one.
I uninstalled 14 and installed the latest version 15.1.7 and entered the new key starting with +0011 key.

It stills says:  This Intraweb version requires a key that start with +0010 and you have entered a key of a different version.

Removed it twice still the same error.  There must be a piece of version 14 out there somewhere.


Ed Brazell

Thanks got it working.  Remove all versions and it works.


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