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IW 15.1.5 with source code, file(s) not found
1) Installed IW 15.1.5 ( iw15.1.5.exe )
2) Copy source code ( content of ) on same directory, now I have this structure:

With Delphi RIO 10.3.2,
Open Design\Intraweb_15_D10_3.dproj, build => OK

Open Design\dclIntraweb_15_D10_3.dproj, build => KO, error:

"[dcc32 Fatal Error] dclIntraweb_15_D10_3.dpk(65): F1026 File not found: '..\..\private\design\IWDsnFormWebsite.pas'"
dclIntraweb_15_D10_3.dpk(65): Unit 'IWDsnFormWebsite' is used by 'IWRegister'error 

And I see that all \private\design\*.* file are missing...

What's wrong?

Best Regards, Alfredo.
1) Not every source code unit is distributed. Key decryption units, and a few units that we relicensed but are not allowed to distribute source are excluded.

2) The design package is not designed to be rebuilt by end users. Doing so would break many dependent packages.

What are you trying to accomplish by rebuilding the design package?
(09-17-2019, 01:37 PM)kudzu Wrote: [...]

What are you trying to accomplish by rebuilding the design package?

Because it's boring that Bootstrap visual components are not allowed in 64bit environment (drop component in a form)...
(Before IW 15.1.x it was possible to (re)build all packages with source code)

Best Regards, Alfredo.
1) IWBS is a separate package. So why do you need to merge it?

2) Normally if you just overlay updated .pas with the .dcu files you can rebuild but the designer code we have never shipped all of it and its not designed for users to rebuild. If they rebuild it, they can easily break dependent packages which then creates a support nightmare for us as bin compatibility is very very brittle.

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