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Standard and Bootstrap4 demo applications
Hi all,

As a newcomer to Intraweb I'm trying to find my way round the universe. Being VCL minded is really not a help in this, but with the help of atozed.Com/Docs and all the demo programs in the Getit folder (especially Features is very helpfull), I'm slowly getting there.

I am now at the point where I will want to try out bootstrap, and I am looking for an example where there is both a standard and a bootstrap version, so that I may learn the differences and find out how to get thing done by comparing them.

Do any of you know of, or have, any bootstrap4 demo applications I can look at, and if, are there any similar standard applications to compare with ?

Howdy Soren!

The Bootstrap 4 was kind of a work in progress while developing a live app. So as far as I know, there aren't any demos.

Having said that though, the controls work for the most part the same way as the original ones do.

I would recommend you read up on Bootstrap 4 (if you haven't already):

to get an idea how the bootstrap components can work for you.

How familiar with IW are you?

All the best,

Hi Shane,

Thank you for the info and the link. I've been going through the contents and I can see what can be done with it, but still have a hard time understanding how to use it with Intraweb.

As for how familiar I am with Intraweb, it's not much. I made cash flow application last year, with the Intraweb (VCL for the Web) being a part of Rad Studio 2010. Mostly data entry screens (invoice data) and grid pages, listing which dates the invoices was due, thereby giving a overview of how much money was needed on a given day in the foreseeable future. Nothing fancy and all standard Intraweb.

Now I'm on Delphi 10.3.2 Rio and Intraweb 15,1,3, and I'm trying to develop an application consisting of a lot more forms and MSSQL tables, to replace an application I made for a large transportation company, back in 2007-2008 using Delphi 2007 for .net. I'm still at a level where I mostly use Intraweb as I would with VCL. In Delphi for .net, I designed the screens as HTML pages (with a heavy use of <Table> </table> to control where on the page a given information was put), but in IntraWeb I'm still on the form level doing the design there.

My main goal is to eventually make the look and feel of my application more appealing / modern compared to the relatively old-fashioned design of standard Intraweb. I know I can do some with Templates  (the Features demo show some of that), but I was hoping that using Bootstrap I would have components with a bit more options than standard Intraweb.

So if you come across some easy to follow / understand demos or simple applications, please drop me a link, if you don't mind. Thanks in advance,

And all the best to you too,


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