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Bad IWModalWindow.ButtonIndex in version 15.1

I've installed today version 15.1.0 of Intraweb and recompiled TMS components, and my applications. I have an application that shows a ModalWindow with 2 fields and 2 buttons (OK and Cancel), and check return using this code:

if Login_Modal.ButtonIndex >= 0 then begin   
  case Login_Modal.ButtonIndex of
      1: // Conectar

The problem is that regardless the button I press, the value of ButtonIndex is always 2 (Cancel).
How can I do to know the button really pressed by the user?

Best regards,

                  Venancio Lasquibar
Please replace your IWData.res files (you probably have more than one copy of it in your IW install directory) with the one attached here. Rebuild your app and clear the browser cache. It should fix the issue.
We are fixing it in current version as well. 

Please let me know how it goes

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Hi Alexandre,

Thank you for your help. The file solved my problem.

Kind regards,

               Venancio Lasquibar
Great. Thanks for the feedback

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