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Indy SSL
Ti there,

I am just wondering if Indy Supports SSL? If so could someone possible post an example in C++?


A simple google would turn up tons of results that indy does support SSL. There are examples in the demos, but may be Delphi only.
(06-27-2019, 03:46 AM)MusicBuddha Wrote: I am just wondering if Indy Supports SSL?

Of course. Though, not NATIVELY, ie it does not implement the actual SSL/TLS protocol itself, it relies on an external library to handle the details on Indy's behalf. Indy has built-in support for only OpenSSL (up to v1.0.2, but not v1.1.x yet), but you can plugin any SSL/TLS library you want as long as you can obtain, or write, a custom class derived from Indy's TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketBase to interface with that library's API as needed (for example, /n Software's (formerly EldoS's) SecureBlackbox provides classes for using its own SSL/TLS library with Indy).

(06-27-2019, 03:46 AM)MusicBuddha Wrote: If so could someone possible post an example in C++?

There are tons of examples and tutorials floating around online, they should not be hard to find, and if needed translated to C++ since Delphi and C++Builder share the same RTL and VCL/FMX frameworks. But in a nutshell, all you really need to do is assign an appropriate SSLIOHandler component to the IOHandler property of Indy's client/server components, configure the SSLIOHanlder as needed, and then set its PassThrough property to False when you are ready to perform an SSL/TLS handshake on an active connection (explicit TLS), or before a connection is made (implicit TLS).

I should have mentioned that I want to use Indy's POP3, and I see that it does TSL but I am really after some way of Doing SSL with Indy.

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