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iwfileuploader max file size
*** Problem Solved ***
Had to change <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength /> setting in IIS

I created a simple ISAPI (.dll) and standalone (.exe) app with just a IWFileUploader on a blank form. I am not saving the file or have any events defined

I am getting error "UNKNOWN" when attempting to upload a file of size 39 meg when my intraweb app is run as ISAPI dll.

MaxFileSize is set to 90971520  (90 meg)

I can upload 19 meg file in both.

I can upload 39 meg file only in .exe app  ISAPI app shows uploading to 99% but then goes RED with hint saying "Unknown"

I have tried building in Delphi RIO with Intraweb 15.? and Delphi Tokyo 14.?

Is there a hard internal limit to the max size of a file that can be uploaded?

Bill B
Thanks for updating us that you got it solved.

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