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A couple of http.sys issues!
A bit of background. I have, at a client's site, approx. 6 - 8 Intraweb SA servers running on a virtual Windows 2018 server (using http.sys and running on port 80). I have limited control over what the hosting crowd decide in terms of virus / malware / windows patch update timetables etc. The reason that multiple servers run on one VM is essentially related to costs to the client. Some of the Intraweb servers have 1,000 clients, others have 50! The reason they are SA (instead of a service) is simply to do with ease of monitoring them! Eventually I will develop a "monitoring app" that will tell if a server has stopped etc.

To the issues (and this is more a query if anyone else has struck these):

1) If one of the SA servers is down and a client tries to login they don't get an error. The simply get the login screen for one of the other SAs that is running. Which confuses the client! Is there a way of having a "default" SA server ... like a 404 page!

2) Shutting down one of these SA servers causes Windows Explorer to "lock up"! This is a bit difficult to explain ... but if you close the server and there is then no desktop response. I'm on a remote connection so I know that Windows hasn't locked ... I can still do file transfers etc. If you wait long enough (15 - 30 minutes) Windows does come back (sometimes with the "Explorer has stopped responding message") and you can recover, without a reboot etc. Of course I never have such an issue on my development computer. This may be related to running them as "application" as opposed to services.

Anyway just seeing if anyone else has had such issues.
I'm not sure I got it...

1) Http.sys subsystem does all the routing work, i.e. basically Windows decides which request goes where, based on the URL mapping. Maybe your URL maps overlap? This is perfectly possible (and valid)

2) You mean that you are using SA in GUI mode, right? I've never experienced that and you are the first to mention such behavior. SA GUI is not intended to be used as a production server. Anyway, even using the GUI I've never seen this. BTW, I usually run a stress test against a GUI application (both Indy and Http.sys based) starting up to 3000 sessions and shutting it down is pretty smooth (although it takes some time because of proper destruction of all 3K sessions).

Maybe this is taking long in your case? You can see the session count on the GUI interface in real time when requesting it to close.
Thanks Alexandre for your quick reply.

Regarding (1) taking and extending the http.sys demos! I can be running IW servers (all port 80) ...\App1\...; ...\App2\...; ...\App3\...; etc. on the same physical server. App 2 is down. Clients trying to access App2 don't get an error, they get the App1 login screen.

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