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Tie in A .JS file to work along with Intraweb?
Using Tokyo 10.2.3
IW 14.2.7

I found a nice JS project to do auto complete / dropdown combo box setup.

Demo @

Can download ZIP file with everything.

I have fiddled with this in a few ways but I just can't seem to get the JS too hook with the TIWEdit control?

I've added these to the extraheaders

     <link rel="stylesheet" href="awesomplete.css" />
     <script src="awesomplete.js"></script>

Which seem to work, as if i look at the source of the page and click them, they load, so feel they are loading properly in the browser then.

I tried to do the "Combobox Dropdown" example at the bottom of the above page to hook to my IWEdit control but not been able to.

I modified their javascript to be included under the "JavaScript" property of the form.

I modified the names of the controls to look for.. IWEDIT1 , IWEDIT1CSS, ect.. but not exactly working.

I haven't had to use IW much in past few years, as product we have, has worked very well but now to finally add some
new features, and they want an autocomplete dropdown that works similar to this.  So figured hey, why not try and get this
guy to work.

Any tips would help alot!

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Tie in A .JS file to work along with Intraweb? - by cpstevenc - 02-13-2019, 03:24 PM

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