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invalid cache dir

I will run my first little app standalone on a new PC
but  the app won't start, in the LOG is an exception "invalid cache directory d:\temp"

On the new PC , d:\temp doesn't exist, its the Temp-Dir on the Developer PC.
If I create d:\temp on the new PC , the app started normaly

But I can't find the place, where it can be changed.


It is on the servercontroller.CacheDir

I use something like the following in the code to set it from an xml file.

if Sysutils.ForceDirectories(SystemParams.ServerControllerParams.CacheDir) then
CacheDir := SystemParams.ServerControllerParams.CacheDir;
Yes, @joelcc is correct.

The ideal place to set this is the OnConfig event of the ServerController object.
(10-27-2023, 09:33 AM)joergb Wrote: thanks for your answers.

I found my error.
It was a little bit tricky to find it, 'cause the Constructor of ServerControlerBase throwed the Exception, this is before anyting of a app starts.

Thanks again

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