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Synchronize FDQuery and IWjQDBGrid

How do i synchronize the dataset with the grid? I want the current record in the dataset always to be the selected row in the grid.

I want it to work both ways, if i click in the grid the dataset should select a new current row, and if I programatically change the current row in the dataset (Eg. FDQuery.Next) the grid should be updated.

I also want the grid to always show the selected row! I tried  Options = [goViewRecords, goGridView, goHoverRows, goIgnoreCase, goScroll, goSortable, goZebraStriped, goRowSelect], but if I click on a already selected row in the grid the selection disappeares.

Best regards, Mikael
Anyone who can help me with this? How do I reflect the dataset with the IWjQDBGrid! I want the selected row in the grid to always be the same as the current record in the dataset!

One week and not a single reply. Isn't it possible to do?

Best regards, Mikael
You need to create an event handler and deal with this in code.

Have in mind that the web does not work like VCL/Desktop. The overhead of keeping this in sync is enormous and that's not how you should do it, unless you have a very specific need...

Can you detail your requirements a little more?

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