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Question: Is UTF8ContentParser still needed in IW projects

Just comparing an older IW app with a newly created app and saw the project units where different.
In the old one UTF8ContentParser was included. Now the IW App Wizard doesn't include this.
What was the story about this unit? Can I remove it from the older applications as well?

Using Delphi 10.4 Sydney and IW15.2.41
Up to IntraWeb version 12 (and the firsts IW 14 releases as well), we used to use Delphi's own TWebRequest class in our code. The TUTF8ContentParser is required to parse content received via TWebRequest.

IntraWeb 15 doesn't use any code from Delphi's web layer (TWebRequest, TISAPIRequest, etc.). Everything is our own code now.

That's why UTF8ContentParser is not required anymore, and yes, it is safe and recommended that you remove it from your IntraWeb 15 projects.
Thanks Alexandre for the clear explanation.

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