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How to change the active element on the form.
(07-29-2021, 12:52 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote:
(07-28-2021, 06:02 PM)Сергей Александрович Wrote: I'm sorry, I didn't understand where to set the DataType = stTel type ... There is no such property in TIWEdit...

procedure TIWF_Menu.IWEdit1HTMLTag(ASender: TObject; ATag: TIWHTMLTag);
  ATag.AddStringParam('inputmode', 'decimal');
  ATag.AddStringParam('pattern', '[0-9]*');
  ATag.AddStringParam('autocorrect', 'off');
It works!

But what if this option is used for input:
Mess := 'Enter the PIN code to log in (numbers only)';
WebApplication.ShowPrompt(mMess, 'ClbPinWork', 'Authorization',", 'Ok', 'Forgot PIN');

There is, in newer IW 15. What's the version you have installed?
I have installed a new version of IW. I see that an additional parameter has appeared in the parameters of the Show Prompt call. Its type is TStrings. Please explain what you need to specify in this parameter so that the input on the mobile keyboard is numeric.

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