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15.2.16 breaks SendStream + prgEnabled
Using C++ Builder 10.3.2

SendStream with prgEnabled throws 'Reply type already set' exception, works ok in .15.

Demo attached.

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I'll have a look, thanks for the test case.

Were you using prgEnabled before?
>>Were you using prgEnabled before?

I was.

Hi Mark,

This is fixed in our codebase and we will release a new update soon.
Please update to IW 15.2.17:

It will fix this issue.

All set, thanks.
Great, thanks for the feedback.

BTW, there is something that we were supposed to be posting in a blog post or something but got delayed and it may be relevant in your case:

the new mode prgEnabledFormChange is actually the same as the old prgEnabled. A bit of context:

Redirections using 302 status code (according to RFC 1945) don't actually work in most scenarios so we were doing a redirection using our own JavaScript code. This worked nicely but had a major drawback which is it couldn't be used in all post requests, being more suitable to be used when the active form changed.

The new redirection is using 303 status code (according to RFC 2616) which processes a POST request and responds telling the browser to send a GET request instead. This works much nicer now (because browser supports it) and it can be applied to *all* POST requests (not only when changing active form), except when responding to AJAX (redirection doesn't make sense in that case).

So, in short:
- prgEnabledFormChange = old prgEnabled = redirection when active form changes (except AJAX requests)
- prgEnabled = new mode = redirection in *all* POST requests (except AJAX)


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