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Issue installing Indy10 with Delphi 7 and Windows 7
I'm installing Delphi 7 and some components, as Indy 10, from an old computer to a new one. Manually, I mean.
In the old computer dclIndycore70 and dclIndyProtocols70 packages are installed, so I first tried to install dclIndycore70  package in the new computer.
At some point, it tries to process IndySystem70 package, the editor window appears for it, with the line "IdWship6 in 'IdWship6.pas';" signaled (or selected) as an error but no message error appears. 'IdWship6.pas' file is in "C:\Delphi7-Componentes\Indy10_5422\Lib\System" folder as IndySystem70  package is, so I suppose the error is not "file not found".

The Search Path used is:

I'd appreciate some help. I'm really stuck. Thank you.

Just posted the message, I found the answer.... in the Indy 10 installation Instructions. So I'm very sorry for having skipped this step.
If someone feels the need to skip the installation documentation, the packages to install are, for Delphi 7:
IndySystem70, IndyCore70, IndyProtocols70, dclIndyCore70, dclIndyProtocols70
So have a look at:

Thank you, anyway

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