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TIWCheckBox problem
After the 15.1.15 upgrade, testing the checked value of a TIWCheckBox in the OnAsyncChange or OnAsyncClick or OnChange events it return always true.
Before this upgrade the value was managed correctly.
Best Regards.
Giovanni P.
I can't recreate this.
- I create a new project from scratch.
- Add a new IWCheckBox
- Add an event OnAsyncClick with the following code:

if IWCheckBox1.Checked then begin
end else begin

Everything works as expected.

- Then I remove this code and add the same code to OnAsyncChange event.
- I got the same result, i.e. the method works as expected.

Can you please see if you can recreate following the same steps above?
I've tryed too a small project for recreate the issue, and, it is running correctly too.
The problem is on my form, that has a large number of controls of it.
I've found a workaround forcing by code the change of the value.
I'll install the 15.1.16 updgrade for seeing what happen.
I will let you know.
Is this check box parented to other control? Other controls in that form shouldn't affect the behavior. Maybe the direct parents of the control can...

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