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How do you upgrade jQuery version in 15?
I have seen an old thread which talked about the possibility of upgrading the jQuery version in IntraWeb 14 but can you please provide instructions on how to do so in 15?  I wasn't 100% clear on how to do that in 14 and was hoping there was an easier way in 15.  We currently have the default values in ServerController for JavaScriptOptions set (only RenderjQuery is set to True).  Our application has failed a penetration test due to vulnerabilities that apparently exist in jQuery version 1.12.4.  Please advise.  Thanks.
IW 15 uses 1.12.4 by default. If you want to use a different version just set JavaScriptOptions.RenderjQuery to false in your server controller, and add your own jQuery file to the ContentFiles list of the server controller (if you want to use it in every form) or to ContentFiles of each individual form. Then copy your own jQuery.js file to the wwwroot folder and you are done.

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