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TIdFTP with HTTP Proxy issue [Delphi 10.2/Indy]
//init TIdFTP
f := TIdFTP.Create(self);
f.Passive := true;

//init Proxy
cProxy := TIdConnectThroughHttpProxy.Create();
cProxy.Host := '';
cProxy.Port := '3128';
cProxy.Enabled := true;

//init IOHandler
LHandler := TIdIOHandlerSocket.Create();
LHandler.TransparentProxy := cProxy;
f.IOHandler := LHandler;

//ftp server := '';
f.username = 'root';
f.Password := 'abcd1234';

after f.Connect will get an error: "Abstract Error", if does not use proxy it works fine.
for sure, the proxy server/ftp server are both working fine.
sorry, I am not good at Indy, I have checked many documents/websites and made this code, but it looks not working for me, does someone can share some advise or document to me, thanks in advance.
(04-22-2019, 08:22 AM)chinaid Wrote: after f.Connect will get an error: "Abstract Error"

TIdIOHandlerSocket is an abstract class, you can't instantiate it directly.  You need to use TIdIOHandlerStack instead, which derives from TIdIOHandlerSocket.

LHandler := TIdIOHandlerStack.Create(f);


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