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TIWFileUploader File dates
In TIWFileUploader, is there any way I can read the file created date and file modified date after selection or successful upload of the file. Or is there a way to create the uploaded file with the same dates of the file that was selected for upload?
With current implementation you can't. This needs to be retrieved from the file when selecting it (that's the only opportunity when the lastModified file attribute is available to JavaScript code). I'll include this to our backlog and see if it can be easily implemented.
Are you using the latest version 15.2.51? If so, I can give you a JS patch that will work.
This has been implemented and will be available in version 15.2.52
Hi there,

Please update to IW 15.2.52. IWFileUpdader allows you to have access to 3 new properties of the uploaded files, including the last modified date/time

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