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application output folder - Alain - 04-11-2018

if I change the destination folder of the application, in the project configuration, I have an error when starting the program

  by default the directory is. \ $ (Platform) \ $ (Config)
  if I select. \ # bin \

here is the error displayed by the web browser
404 - Not found
Resource not found in RT9Intraweb


Delphi Tokyo 10.2
Intraweb 14.7.2

RE: application output folder - fduenas - 04-11-2018

I normally the path of the exe and don't have that kind of errors, but do the '#' have to go in the output path?
Maybe try '.\Bin'

RE: application output folder - kudzu - 04-11-2018

Why would you put # in the path?

RE: application output folder - Alain - 04-11-2018

Good evening,

I just replaced \ #bin with \ bin, it works perfectly

I still use \ #bin \ #obj \ #dcu \ lib it's a very sleepy habit

thank you very much

RE: application output folder - kudzu - 04-12-2018

Using special characters in paths and executable names is not a good practice as you have just seen Smile