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Bug in IWjQDBGrid - Comograma - 02-17-2022

I have this situation with a simple IWjQDBGrid that do not show anything when the application is running as a Windows service rather than an application.
I attached a simple case.
When the application is running as an application, the data in the is showed ok.
When the application is running as a Windows service, the is not showed and the message Loading stays on the screen.
There is something in here.

Also the grid has a column with a date datatype and if I set the second grid's column datatype to dtText, the dates are presented just fine, but when I change datatype to idDate, the dates are presented incorrectly. Something in here also.


RE: Bug in IWjQDBGrid - Alexandre Machado - 02-24-2022

I'll give it a go and let you know the results.