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copy to clipboard - softdev85 - 07-24-2020

i have  TIWText  or IWMemo1 with some text inside

Have you any soluce for copy the text inside to the clipboard ?

Thank's a lot best regards

RE: copy to clipboard - kudzu - 07-26-2020

RE: copy to clipboard - softdev85 - 07-26-2020

i see that there are some days
but how i use ?
i don't known how use this code
can you help me please ?
best regards

RE: copy to clipboard - cpstevenc - 07-27-2020

[Image: 83e6097c3ec1cd606b318b09711315a3.png]

[Image: 16f9a522141c8feaa8c911028acc40e4.png]
Using Kadzu's example link...

I dropped a TIWMEMO box in the form and an TIWButton 

Then set the ScriptEvents / OnClick on that button to execute the JavaScript to copy the IWMEMO1 to the clipboard.

So the above shows the alert message and where I pasted the clipboard copy into notepad.

RE: copy to clipboard - fduenas - 07-27-2020

Regarding your question, check cpstevenc's answer, but we need to know where or when do you need to copy the text or in what event?

RE: copy to clipboard - softdev85 - 07-28-2020

thank you very much for your very clear response

best regards