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Loading Page?? - ShaneStump - 04-04-2020

Howdy All!

First, I hope everyone and their families are safe during this worldwide pandemic.

I keep adding more and more overhead to my UserSession when it is initially created (I have to load the data BEFORE the first main intraweb page is created).

I need to show a page telling the user that I am loading their data and to please wait.

Where / how do I show a page in the Server Controller while the usersession is being 'created'?

I am guessing I need to 'delay' the data loading in my UserSession when it is first created and show a loading page and then continue data loading?!!?

Thanks in advance,


RE: Loading Page?? - DanBarclay - 04-04-2020

This has been discussed before and I think there are several ways to do this.

One way I've tried is to create a "splash screen" looking startup. Make your initial form look like a simple splash form, sort of like a desktop app. Do your processing from an event in that form, then have it launch the next (main) form automatically. Note that it also gives you an opportunity to examine data and launch different main forms. If your startup process begins to be fast enough that the splash screen seems odd to users then add a timer to hold it in place for a few seconds.

Again, there are other options. You might search this form for "splash" and see if you get any hits.


RE: Loading Page?? - ShaneStump - 04-04-2020

Howdy Dan!

That is what I started doing a little while ago... now just trying to decide how fancy to get.

All the best,