Osimatic Poland

IntraWeb was the solution in both cases for Osimatic. The learning curve was short. It allowed us to quickly make all needed information accessible through the web browser. Moreover, much of the application’s configuration and control functionality was exposed as well.

Osimatic Poland was founded in 1990. In co-operation with Osimatic France we are developing telephone applications. Osimatic produces:

  • OsiDial – voice and fax server for enterprises. It is an Interactive Voice Response system, with many different modules such as: auto attendant, voice and fax mail, fax on demand, database access by phone, email by phone using text-to-speech, automatic call distribution, discussion/helpdesk board, continuous voice recording, heavy outbound traffic control etc. The user and or developer has several visual tools helping to prepare resources and call scenarios.
  • UniversalCTI – computer and telephony integration server. It is directly linked to the PBX and delivers all information needed to monitor and control phone devices. The information is used by our software such as: Standard UniversalCTI client and UniversalObserver. The functionality of the UniversalCTI program can also be easily incorporated into custom third party applications using our VCL and ActiveX components.

Our software allows users to identify all incoming calls before the answer. For each call additional information may be collected in the database. Outgoing calls are simply made by clicking on the record with the name of the called party. The duration and/or cost of the outbound calls can be exactly controlled based on connection time and/or telephone rates information received from the PBX.


One of the modules of our OsiDial server is unified messaging. Since it collected different kinds of messages, it became necessary to make them accessible for the users not only by the telephone interface. We realized the Internet/intranet interface would make it possible to play voice mail messages and view fax documents from every computer in the office and from every place outside the office as well.

Furthermore, it would be good for the UniversalObserver application to have all the telephone traffic and statistical information accessible not only from within the specified client program, but through the web browser, from every computer inside and outside the office.

Of course, in both situations the access to the information should be secure and the rights of the users to obtain different kinds of information should be verified.


The Osidial WWW Extension users’ rights are verified based on the telephone extension number and password taken directly from the voice mail server’s configuration. The information that are available for the users include:

  • The contents of the voice box (the number of messages and the time of their arrival) and playback of the messages. See fig 1
  • The contents of the fax box (the number of fax documents and the time of their arrival) and the documents preview
  • Every message or document can remotely be archived or deleted
  • The user can fully configure his voice box and record his personal greeting message as shown in fig. 2
  • The user with the administrative privileges can manage the voice and fax boxes of all users

All these new features were greatly appreciated by the customers. All pages were also localized to the polish language using the BCB’s integrated translation manager.

After successfully logging on the UniversalObserver’s built-in web server, the user is provided with the following information:

  • Incoming calls that arrived while the user was absent and how they were handled (whether they were redirected to the voice mail, transferred to another number or disconnected).
  • Again all the documents contained in the account on the OsiDial voice/fax server as shown in fig. 3.
  • User with administrative privileges can configure call discriminations like: maximal outcall duration for single call and/or total for the month, allowed all calls cost for the month. He is also able to set forbidden outcall numbers (like audiotex) and the “jokers” numbers. Incoming calls from jokers are automatically cleared, even without the ring. Though users see appropriate message on their phone display.


Number of Users: 5,000
Number of Developers: 2
Time to Develop: 1 month