Brain Dump 3

No private etc
Imporrt to default
Impl stage notes
Procedural sample in ethos
Console as default or named
   Import console
   Import console as star
   Import console as x
   End and start matching, allow lists in such, star? No end match because prefix char…..
   Import is executable, can be Inline. Need unload too
System is always imported…. Has imports in it….  $ or other?
Exec vs decl?
$func or better no shift
Prefix first char on line special? Vs reserved # etc? Or # is func too? Base func if prefix or name.
Func to what ns? By pattern or. Ns? Ie global?
$ ; . but.already \/
Symbols can be multi char, ie $$
. Is defined too? Cant be used in method as method has mult args, but could define .?
Need /? Import and func just match by type? How to resolve conflicts? By name. Prefix? Force aliasing? Use in ns?
default settings
-import zed as *, but couold do it as $ etc… compiler otion. Also zed could be exclused, and only system (which contains import) is dfeaulted.
import x – where x is a code file, or a file that improts more.. ie a grouip of imports is just an import file that imports more…