Brain Dump 2

show some C#, JS and other translations

. to declare and access props

if x is not visible

full reflection – well beyond TS and well beyond C#
-function names, etc

Bcd or js num only first

Props readonly instead method
Method is pattern match
This or me, even user pref e is this obj
User kw prefs
Goal is to redo in zed
Brussel sprout s but frosting
Put x on me
Take x from me or pull etc
Add x to array
Move x from t to z
Remove x from y
Copy x to y
Look at ts code for ideas and try to translate
Js word bridge
Using js pop x y x BR(x + y)br
For loop as method
Label blocks for case etc
For each at base, allow extension of any object at runtime so a for each could even be external
Flow control extensions
Auto correct for case

Minimal hoop jumping, but necessary some

Anon can extend named types
Gen ts bases? Or go straight js so we can debug? Do inline js to start
Look at tsc source
Equations do brackets first, but still op prec msth… small talk.for now….
String blocks
Array blocks
Type and
Top of x to y
Top of x +
Top 2 of x
Even if conditions can be code blocks or equations but both use brackets? If is once, loops are code. Code block as param type.
Type extensions have internal access
All methods external because can affect mult things? Creates bigger api lock… Or can say private stuff prone to change….not meant as api but usable same for descendants
Methods can rise or sink
Shipping system to projs
Taxi sk. Bus sk. Caribbean
Queuing system
Code block labels allow code blocks for conditions, ie case switch etc. Named or nameless
While *
If *, code as statement or block
If x.length > 0, pop 1 from y.   Better
If length of x > 0, pop 1 from y
Is synonym for bool true
If x is visible,
If x.visible,
If x has y – array, list etc
Make x visible or invisble but alllow things that can eval to string work in place too
Show x
Hide x
Identifier spaces symbols numbers