Invitation to TeamZed

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This is your invite to TeamZed!

TeamZed is Atozed’s version of Microsoft’s MVP or Embarcadero’s TeamB. TeamZed is by invitation only and reserved for long time and/or highly active IntraWeb users.

Sign Me Up!

  1. Sign up at if you don’t have a user already.
  2. Reply back to the email which brought you here including your id, confirming that you want to join and we’ll do the rest.


Just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Create cool stuff and help as you can with peer support (Newsgroups, chat room, etc), blogs, Facebook, twitter, Youtube, videos, educational efforts, etc.


  • Increased coolness score
  • Exclusive TeamZed chat room
  • Cool TeamZed moniker to use in public forums
  • Exclusive pre-beta access to the skunkworks
  • Direct access to development teams

Who Else?

The current list of TeamZed….