Do NOT transfer any funds to the paypal account without prearrangement!

The paypal account is a *personal* account. We are a Cyprus company and therefore cannot have a Paypal US commercial account and Paypal commercial accounts in Cyprus are still quite restricted in some key areas.

Thus you will be transferring to an account of one of our staff who will then pay the money into Atozed on your behalf. We can deliver a paid invoice from Atozed.

Because this is a personal account you will need to make sure that you do a *person to person* transfer and not a *pay for goods or services*.

Person to person transfers are free if you have funds on your paypal account or if you withdraw from a bank account. If you use a credit card, you need to preload the funds and then do a personal transfer.

If you do a *pay for goods or services* it will take transaction charge out from the recipient and they will not have enough funds to pay the invoice on your behalf.