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Intraweb blank page error
Hello, good afternoon!

I represent RH3 Software and our license is active for Intraweb in version 14.0.31. We have developed a web portal with this technology, a legacy product of our company.

Recently some of our customers have complained about a problem that is taking our sleep: at some point, not specific, the use of the portal, the browser simply displays a blank page and it is as if the service had been deleted and just restarted the IIS. the portal returns to normal.

We have already activated the "ExceptionLogger" log of the ServerController and set the output to a file, in the same directory as the DLL. The place is allowed to read and write. But absolutely nothing is recorded. Not even the file is actually created.

This same portal runs on our internal structure and nothing goes wrong. But in these clients, "failure" persists.

Does anyone with a similar problem or with any one say so we can debug or find fault?
IIS can and sometimes does recycle application pools. It could be that your application pool is set to recycle on a timer, based on memory usage, inactivity or other. I can't say for sure, but it sound a lot like it might be this.

You can google, but here is some basic info:

Also check the IIS event log for events near a time you see this happen, or events related to the app pool that your ISAPI runs in.

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