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XE7 64-bit not working
Sometimes the IDEs unload the packages. As far as I know, nothing in the install procedure changed in .19.

That being said, a rather critical bug seems to have been introduced for many in .19 that we are investigating urgently now.

You can check your package list and see if the IDE disabled it and reenable it, but if you use async events, .19 may be broken anyway.
Please check if IW package is unchecked (in Component -> Install Packages).

It should appear on the list and should be checked. If not on the list, you can try to add it manually and see if it installs.
Please also install IW 15.0.20 update which fixes an important AJAX issue introduced in IW 15.0.19
Hi, I feel for your burden !

I uninstalled .19, downloaded and installed .20.  I opened XE7 (BCB) and manually installed the two IntraWeb packages including my current licence.

I have to report that things are exactly as previously - ie 32-bit platform builds and runs a simple IntraWeb application fine (except for telling me I am using an evaluation licence).  64-bit builds ok but crashes out on start-up with exactly the same error as originally - ie "Unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close..."

There must be something wrong in your IDE... I'm positive it builds and runs correctly.

BTW, do you have a license installed? Why is it showing as evaluation?
Please check if you have XE7 Update 1 correctly installed. You can check in RAD Studio About box
I've just created this on my test machine, with C++ Builder XE7:

- From IW application wizard -> New IntraWeb application.
- On Project Manager -> Right click and add 64-bit Windows platform
- Project -> Options: 
  - C++ Linker: Uncheck "Link with dynamic RTL"
  - Packages -> Runtime Packages: Uncheck "Link with runtime packages"

Then build the application. This is the application running:

[Image: cpp_xe7.png]
I didn't even know there was an Update 1 - I feel very guilty. I will try updating over the week-end and let you know...

OK so I downloaded XE7 update 1, uninstalled IW, ran the update, ran the IW unbundle tool, started C++ Builder XE7, checked About to see that update 1 is installed, (closed CPB), installed IW 15.0.20.

OpenedCPB XE7 - all intraweb components present, new - IntraWeb app - standalone
Added 64 bit platform, changed to 64-bit platform
Added an IW button, built a 64-bit verseion, ran it - crash out on start-up just like before.

Then I remembered that, being a new install, I had not disabled Build with RT Packages and Link with Dynamic RTL which are disabled by default for all my programmes. Once I had done that, the 64-bit app started fine and I could click on my button in the browser. Fantastic.

Further, I quickly tested my scheme for incorporating IW in a VCL application, and again this now builds and runs fine.

Thank you. To the extent that I have caused you grief by not having the XE7 update 1 I most sincerely appologise.

Denville. (well past midnight here, going to bed !)
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No problem, Denville. I'm glad that we got this sorted out and it is finally working!  Smile

Thanks for your feedback!

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