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IIS isapi bug
xe7, iw15.0.15

I am trying to debug and iw isapi application that runs fine as a Standalone but not as an isapi dll under iis.

When I try to start up the isapi application I get a server 500 error with the following

Exception: Exception

No HTTP hook has been set.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I found the line of the error.  In the oncreate of the servercontroller I am trying to call this calll.


I actually get this error.

Error: The system cannot locate the object specified.

Why would this call work under SA but not ISAPI?
Hi Joel. If this is an external file, isapi is located in different path. This code read file in the same path.

if IsLibrary then
  txt := ExtractFilePath( GetModuleName( HInstance ) ) + 'MyINIFile.ini'
  txt := ExtractFilePath( ParamStr(0) ) + 'MyINIFile.ini';
You an use gSC.AppPath to do the same with shorter syntax.

I actually had to use IW.Common.System.gsAppPath to get it to work.   (i think this is because appPath is iw12 or less.)
You probably just needed to add the servercontroller unit to your uses clause.

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