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Javascript Errir in Browser Console
Howdy All!

I have a control I have written that is rendering my control properly and it is working.

However when I look at the console in the various browsers, I am getting a lot of the following type errors:

Error in processAjaxExecute when evaluating: AsyncRenderControl("", "#CALENDARDAYCELLCOLUMN05_", "<div class=\"text-right w-100\" id=\"BIGCALENDARDAYCELLTITLETEXT988\"><p1><b>1<\/b><\/p1>\r\n<\/div>");

Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #

Is this my problem or an INTRAWEB problem?

I am using the latest IW 15.0.17.


Hi Shane,

which control is this?

AsyncRenderControl() is a IWBootstrap function but I'm not sure what's the context...

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