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TreeView with Panel below nodes?

I have a deal to where I want a tree view, but once I get to the final node in a branch, to show a panel below it.

Best example I have of something like this working currently out there

[Image: 55f2240720dc5522b219a61219731408.png]

[Image: d4b425acd45ffe030509122fd0cac7b6.png]

So could be at the end of more than one branch and see an interactive panel below them. 
Buttons, images, ect.

I was looking at the CGDEVTools JQuery Demos and I did not see anything showing a more advanced tree viewing experience
other than slightly enhanced typical tree viewing.

I have the TMS controls also, but theirs too doesn't seem to expand much on things other than checkbox/radio button support.

If you notice, even on a node level they have an input box level too.... 

Using Tokyo 10.2.3 and latest IW 14 currently.

Only thinking I have is this has to be just all custom HTML / JavaScript for now and figure out how to hook in callbacks and all that to make it play out properly?
Do you want to display a panel like that "floating" over your tree view? How do you expect to hide/show it (e.g. on mouse click on the node)?

It should be possible using a IWRegion as a container for all other controls. You can make it visible and set its size and position at runtime after a node click...

Is something like this that you have in mind?

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